She’s a Hero and Villain in One!: DVA Harley Cosplay by Emmalee Froelich


Cosplay is among the many mediums of art where a cosplayer’s imagination becomes the only limit. For as long as you are creative, you can always think of “out of the box” cosplay ideas. You can either transform a character that you want to cosplay or just mash it up with whatever comes in mind. Creative cosplay can take many forms as long as you put your mind and heart to it!

Check out this amazingly cute DVA Harley cosplay by Emmalee Froelich, which is a combination of the hero character from the game Overwatch (DVA) and the bubbly yet deadly villain from Batman (Harley). These photos were taken by Arnold during the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest last December 2017 at San Jose Convention Center.

You can really see both DVA and Harley’s character in her costume, hair and, make-up. However, you can also see that her Harley character overpowers DVA in a sense. Well, what’s really interesting in this DVA Harley cosplay is that you can never tell whether she’s a hero or a villain. Or perhaps,.. she’s both?


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