Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 10 Recap


After a clash with Sasaki’s team, Kanae encountered a one-eyed ghoul who seems to know everything about him (including how he admires Shu) and influenced him to kill Sasaki in order to keep Shu for himself — and we all know that it will not end well.

Meanwhile, what do you think of Shirazu’s haircut? I think he’d established an icon for himself with that hair of his. This episode also tells a backstory showing how her sister’s mole on her face turned out to be a ghoul-like parasite which grew everyday feeding off her energy. Now that’s the reason for him to not be so excited to have the kagune implanted into him but he needed it in order to keep her sister alive (with all those machines keeping her alive).

I think that this episode also showed how important Shu is to the entire Tsukiyama family because even his father had sacrificed himself and he couldn’t have done that if he had not knocked down Shu and asked Matsumae to look after him and brought him to safety.

The last scene also shows that, yep, Kanae seems to be alive. However, he looked a like a merged stitched-up Juuzo and a messed up Kaneki during his torture days.

With all the Doves surrounding the Tsukiyama mansion and with the ghouls prepared, I smell bloodbath.


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