Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 8 : TAKe: The One Who Writhes


On the start of this episode, even the poised Mirumo Tsukiyama and Kanae can lose their cool. Shu Tsukiyama’s father Mirumo and Kanae looked like well-groomed gentlemen but they just lose control whenever they hear bad news about him…and they even just live in the same house! Remember Shu Tsukiyama? He’s the one who’s kind of obsessed with Kaneki Ken’s blood, roses and fine dining.

So much for thinking that Kanae is a cool character because it all went away after hearing him scream like a baby when he ran out to the woods and smashing his head into the tree over and over.

Characters from previous seasons such as Hinami Fueguchi (whom Kaneki Ken saved) and Chie Hori (Tokyo Ghoul: Pinto), the photographer who is Shu Tsukiyama’s friend as well as Uta. Sasaki went to Uta’s shop to supposedly return the mask but Uta told him that he sent it somewhere else but somehow ended up to Sasaki and told him to keep the mask because it must be fate that brought him to the shop. I wonder what type of mask Sasaki wants Uta to make?

CCG captured some ghouls all thanks to Hairu Ikei’s speed. Honestly, she doesn’t look like it but I think she’s got more to give. And she’s probably one of the strongest because of the team she’s in. She’s also a Senior Investigor, which puts her on the same level as my personal favorite, Juuzo Suzuya.

Chie Hori told Kanae to show some pictures to Shu, it may have sparked something in him, right? That he’ll be back to his lively self because his favorite Kaneki Ken is alive?


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