Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 12: Dawn


Aah, at last, the last episode of the third season of Tokyo Ghoul and we cannot wait for the 4th season!

After the blood and gore scenes on the previous episodes, the last episode started where we left off — Kanae trying to kill Kaneki. But it seems that the only one losing on this fight is Kanae. Previously, Kaneki got his strength because of the unimaginable horrible torture he’d been through and of course, that’s the only thing to make him remember who he really is.

Yes, Kaneki Ken is back and he’s not the type who would hesitate in killing someone whom you considered as a friend in the past.

Shirazu met his unfortunate ending but I can say that he’d done everything he could but for someone who didn’t have enough practice and hesitates most of the time, they are just bound to lose.

We can say that the Kaneki Ken that emerged is no longer the Sasaki we knew (we can say RIP to Sasaki now) and definitely heartless.

I thought it was something out of BL but it was revealed that Kanae is really a woman named Karren. I thought there was something more waiting for Kanae but I think this is the end for her.

I thought it was the end for Shu, too, but I was glad that at the end, he survived and was saved. He’d been such a cool character and I couldn’t wait what the 4th season has in store for us!


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