Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

Everyone thought a reboot might be best because it’s going to be hard to get a come back after how Tokyo Ghoul season 2 ended. Kudos to Madhouse Entertainment for being able to make it possible and this episode is the best example so far.

Unlike other anime, the story continues and I was pessimistic at first on how they would make another story but they tied the story back to the previous seasons. The characters we’ve known as well as Anteiku (oh, how we love the place, it brings back so many memories…2 seasons worth of memories) are still very much in the story to keep it on track while at the same time try to make the story based on the manga series.

I am so excited how the next episode will be and if Sasaki will turn back into Kaneki Ken (I’m honestly starting to like Sasaki now).

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