Kota_Morgue is slaying her room


Wow. That’s all I have to say. I wasn’t going to write anything up today but I couldn’t resist Kota_Morgue. When you look at these photos, you will know why! She is inked up, in a great shirt/bowtie combo but the most interesting thing is her mask. She really pulls out all stops for her face and mask makeup. The greatest part of her show thus far was her blowing smoke. It looked like a demon coming to kill us all and, for once, I don’t think I’d mind.

Picture it–if Kota_Morgue was the face of death, would you struggle? I can see this as a horror movie. The demon seductress bringing us faithful to our doom. Such a great room and such a great artist. If you have time (or not), jump on in the room and get down to some freaky fun.

Name: Kota_Morgue
Tags: alternative, piercings, tattoos, skinny, small tits, crazy, whatthefuck, petite, bisexual,


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