Kota_Morgue suggests a diet


Kota_Morgue’s shirt might suggest a diet of some kind (rhymes with Stunt). It’s been a bit since I popped in on Kota_Morgue. She’s rather fantastic in her outfits and her makeup is out of sight. This time, she brings her own special brand of mayhem to the big glass scene. What really sticks out for any Kota_Morgue show is her ink. Her ink is something I could look over for the entire show and see something ‘new’ each time.

Right now she’s kicking back, cig in hand, and waving to the music. If you ever wanted to see what a truly crazy sinner that can be found on cam, then look no further! Kota_Morgue is on full form tonight.

Tags: alternative, piercings, tattoos, skinny, small tits, crazy, whatthefuck, petite, bisexual, [view all]


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