Kota_Morgue is one scary demonoid


Kota_Morgue is back in, well, black. I was just glancing through rooms and she caught my eye big time tonight. I’ve seen Kota Morgue dressed in all sorts of styles from clothing to makeup, but this is just perfect. I think she is pulling off the scary demonoid dancer look very well. It’s always a great hang in Kota’s room and tonight is no exception. I am actually mesmerized a bit by the way she’s moving her blue dress around and playing with it. The whole thing reminds me a bit of a sexier Nun (Conjuring 2 type of Nun).

I won’t take up too much time here describing the show because whatever I can write will not do this justice. Get in. Get in now.

Tags: alternative, piercings, tattoos, skinny, small tits, crazy, whatthefuck, petite, bisexual,


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