Alley Shiver Pleasure In Black


I like the way in which this Blueblood set is carried out because it focuses less on the clothing items or the background and instead allows Alley Shiver to do what she does best as she mesmerizes you with her seductive personality, which is showcased beautifully on every image.

If this photoset is indicative of the things that you can find on the new book by Amelia G and Forrest Black titled “California Deathrock: Subculture Portraits”, then it is definitely a must-have.

Her style is quite powerful, and the metal background works rather well by bringing out her features and even the clothes she has on, thus making you even more excited to continue watching, building a great expectation of what will come next.

There is a seriousness that becomes apparent from the first moment you watch this gallery, since the deepness of Alley Shiver’s eyes is such that she comes off a bit dominating, as if she was right there in front of you, instructing you about what to do and deciding at each step of the way when she teases you with a peek, or when she shows you the full GothicSluts glory of her bare body. This alone makes this an experience better than any tutorial you’ve ever played on any videogame.


Amelia G and I are celebrating the release of our epic California Deathrock: Subculture Portraits coffee table photo book with some sexy updates here, featuring some of the very cool people in the book. Alley Shiver always has great style and we love to see her out on the town.
Forrest Black-




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