Alley Shiver Makes You Quiver


Alley Shiver style reminds me a bit of Johanna Dark from the Perfect Dark game on N64, because she really presents a gritty and sexy character; a capable woman who can also turn the sexy up when she wants to, and boy, does Alley Shiver actually turns it up in an incredible way.

The blue color and the intensity that her eyes have in tandem with the stylish leather outfit she has on really make a statement to the sensuality and danger that this Blueblood gallery is looking to present, and her hairstyle shows a modern component that creates a well-rounded set that has everything one could want from an EroticFandom composition.

When you get to see Alley Shiver with nothing on but her unzipped leather jacket and her leather boots as she continues to bring such an exquisite visage, you will realize how well done this whole project was from start to finish, for it always maintains the aura of suggestiveness that constantly fuels your desire.



This was a fun little rebel fantasy series Amelia G and I had a blast shooting with sexy Alley Shiver. There were just all these guns and bombs laying around and it seemed like the thing to do. Now I want to read the gritty unwritten cyberpunk story that goes along with them. Anyway, hope you enjoy these as much as I do.




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