RazorCandi rocks the pink in her Beautiful Corpse shoot


I don’t think I’ve seen Razor Candi in pink before. I adore RazorCandi and I have to say that pink really could be her color. She looks amazing in her beautiful corpse shoot. She tops her look with a great pink wig from pennydreads and it does set the tone for the rest of the shoot (and boy what a shoot it is!). Razor Candi comes to the scene dressed like a wicked priestess. The upside down cross in her ears goes well to complement her black laced outfit along with that great hood. The black hood works well because of the pink hair and the ultra fair skin of Razor Candi. She looks like a cross between a demon priestess and a traveller through the Mists of Avalon. She calls the look a “pastel Goth” look in her page description and I have to say that is pretty spot on. What makes the shoot is the pink playing against the black.

Seductive as ever, Razor Candi tantalizes us with a small striptease before taking out her crucifix. No, not the one in the picture I can show you (where she displaces her love for the cross with her mouth) but the really not safe for work photos I can’t show you (where she reaffirms that love for the cross in more way than one!). If ever there was a shoot I wish I could slip in a bit of NSFW photos, this would be it. There is one shot that you really have to see to enjoy. She has her pentagram top (that exposes her breasts) and a far bigger crucifix in her hands. What she does with it, along with her ability to face pose (let’s face it, Razor Candi could do an entire shoot of just her expressions) really catapult this shoot to another level.

By the way, did I mention there was a VIDEO that goes with this shoot? Oh does she ever put her best foot (and other parts) forward in live action.

Apparently, I cannot show you any of her hotness from the picture set. Editorial’s SFW requirement hammer fell on her revealing top and bottom. These screenshots are from her video and they are just about the only thing that is remotely safe for work in the whole set.


This set is definitely directed more towards the members who enjoy dark art and more alternative subculture, though I know it’s certain death for the set since most members seem to enjoy more natural styles on women, this set is not about that! In my many years as a model, especially in the adult area, I can’t help but notice the huge lack of dark art joined with sexuality. There may well be a very good reason for this being that “it’s scary” to most people but this is for the select few who have been yearning for this as badly as I have. I wanted to pay homage to the occult and Gothic subculture and to express my lifestyle and my true influences with this set. What initially inspired the set was the beautiful baby pink half wig from Pennydreads! I thought the hair coupled with extreme black make up and satanic accessories would be an interesting combo for a pastel Goth look. What I love most about this set though is that despite my spooky appearance it’s actually a very intensely provocative and enticing set, it radiates deep sexual passion and desire just as much as any other natural or tamer set would display. If you find this set too scary then I did something right but lucky for you I have plenty of tamer sets for you to enjoy here, and if you like scary then you’ll really enjoy this set as you make your way through it. You’ll soon discover a very specific blasphemous object which I found to be quite fitting for the theme 😉


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