RazorCandi In Her Shadowy Element


Here we have a character that might have been the member of the Addams Family that we never got to see, but constantly dreamed about. No, wait, she may be more at home at a Beetlejuice film; take your pick.

Anyway, I like how her corset and tights let us see the contour of her body. The fingerless gloves also give her a bit of a strong look, while maintaining the level of glamour that her extravagant hairstyle manages to achieve.

Something notable of this project by RazorCandi is the eye makeup, and how it makes the eyelashes look even bigger, while encompassing them and making them a perfect focal point.

Lastly (yes, I was not going to leave without mentioning it) her cleavage lets us see just enough of her to fantasize about her, offering an inviting and sexy component to the overall style, while the corset props up her not-so-hidden assets; the fact that it Is shiny only draws me in even more.


I had a lot of fun experimenting with this set as it’s in the style that I prefer most – something I like to call “artcore”. The term may or may not exist in the adult industry but the name was inspired by obvious reasons. My biggest motivation in continuing with shooting sets is trying to fuse high fashion and artistic dark imagery with sexually provocative themes as I am always looking to have the end result be a mesmerizing photo that triggers awe and arousal at the same time.



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