RazorCandi’s Cyborg Erotic Art Expression


I absolutely love RazorCandi’s style, especially when she wears different colors of contact lenses. This always makes her look good, sexy, cute and a whole lot of other great things, all at once.

By the way, going back to my list of things I love: the corset she is wearing is a visual aphrodisiac, as it is very revealing and barely covers what it needs to cover. Also, its shiny appearance only makes it better.

I cannot show the full costume she is wearing without breaking the SFW rule (and that should be enough motivation for you to check out the complete photoset), but you know the magnificent things RazorCandi does. Therefore, I think you now have a good enough idea of why this set is a must-watch.


I’ve always been very interested in the collaboration of art meets erotica but sadly most adult toys and props are generally just realistic or very simple which makes them kind of boring in my opinion unless I am going for something like simplicity, so when I laid eyes on these horror themed adult toys my mind jumped into all kinds of creative and deeply erotic, artistic ideas. I’m very lucky to have a very special and loyal sponsor who has provided the means for me to get my hands on all 5 toys and now I give you the third of my five set Creatures of the Night series, She-Borg!!



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