Vampirella RazorCandi Puts The “Lust” In Bloodlust


Carmilla from Castlevania will not want to go out this Halloween as she knows there is no way she can look more dangerous or sexy than RazorCandi.

Her deep, red eyes and her black coat give her the increased air of sophistication one would expect from a vampire that has been around for ages, while her teeth present themselves as powerful tools that capture your attention and will make you wonder how it would be to receive a vampire’s kiss from this beauty.

The accessories she has on for this shoot also give her a mystical appearance that conveys power and really makes you believe that she is a creature of the night out looking for blood and a little indulgence in the pleasures of the flesh.

Halloween is close, and what better way to celebrate than with some trick or treating where you get a lot of candy, and what better candy than RazorCandi?


I’ve always been very interested in the collaboration of art meets erotica but sadly most adult toys and props are generally just realistic or very simple which makes them kind of boring in my opinion unless I am going for something like simplicity, so when I laid eyes on these horror themed adult toys my mind jumped into all kinds of creative and deeply erotic, artistic ideas. I’m very lucky to have a very special and loyal sponsor who has provided the means for me to get my hands on all 5 toys and now I give you the fourth of my five set Creatures of the Night series – Vampirella! Regal, royal and majestic I wanted to capture more of an imperial but erotic atmosphere for this one, clearly inspired by the character Vampirella!




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