Jessa Rhodes is the Merc With a Mouth


As if Deadpool wasn’t dangerous enough. when Jessa Rhodes, from VR CosplayX, becomes lady Deadpool she adds a hotness not even Ryan Reynolds could compete with. There is nothing more dangerous than a beautiful lady in red and Jessa’s Lady Deadpool fits the bill. When you deliver a pizza to her, she’ll show you how she’s giving “merc with a mouth” a whole new meaning.

This Deadpool can’t cover her face with a mask as it would be a crime to cover her very unscarred, very sexy face. What’s really sexy about this blonde bombshell, however, is her body. It’s tight, large breasted, and with a booty that you could rest a glass on. Still as goofy as ever, this Deadpool has the added bonus of being a knockout.

Jessa Rhodes was involved in a terrible accident which left her pussy eternally wet. Now a horny vigilante, Lady Deadpool is unable to contain her lust. It’s your first day as a pizza delivery boy, and you haven’t even made 5 bucks in tips yet. Jessa answers the door with a slew of pizza puns that can’t be topped but she doesn’t have the dough to pay you. She brings you inside and begins playing with her bald p***y before teasing you with her mouth and riding your c**k. Give her some extra sausage with her pizza and forget about the tip, because you’re going balls deep.


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