AnimeAnnie Cosplays As The Merc With An Amazing Pair


Everyone is talking about Deadpool right now, thanks to his new movie, and if you don’t really appreciate what the merc with a mouth does for you, maybe you will change your tune when you see the lively AnimeAnnie in a Deadpool-themed cosplay show.

Her costume is rather simple but incredibly sexy, as it is only made up of a tiny short, a beanie, and a bikini top that has already come off so you can see the two massive “guns” she’s got, all adorned by her amazing and super-fun personality, her contagious smile, lots of hair flipping, and a lot of “behind the scenes” looks at her, if you know what I mean.

AnimeAnnie is not wasting any time to be as entertaining as the superhero she is cosplaying, and at this point she is doing it with nothing but the Deadpool hat on.


Name: AnimeAnnie
United States
29, Caucasian
Tags: cosplay, busty, friendly, gamer, playful, big boobs, nice ass, flirty, costumes,




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