AnimeAnnie is purrfect


AnimeAnnie is online and she’s got her kitty ears on. I have to say I really love the shirt–there is just something nice and girl next door-ish about it. That’s one thing I think of when I see Anime Annie-the girl next door. Okay, so we all wish our girl next door looked like Anime, but it’s the feel and the vibe that she has that pulls it off. If you are new to cam, AnimeAnnie is one of the true cosplay models out there and she’s rather down to earth and fun to ‘hang’ with. Tonight she’s got a bit of a special ‘tease’ topic going that I can’t quite say what it is because, NSFW, but it rhymes with flow bob.

Speaking of flow bobs, I was looking at her profile (dirty ol’ man!) and I saw something on it I didn’t catch before. She has a Velma video! So, yeah, I know where this pay day is going. I don’t know about you, but Velma was *the* gal for me growing up. She had the smarts, she had the bravery, and, well, she was pretty cute (glasses still are a weakness). If you come by Anime’s room you won’t be disappointed, but if you are a Scooby fan–you need to check out her profile page for that video.

United States
29, Caucasian
Tags: cosplay, busty, friendly, gamer, playful, big boobs, nice ass, flirty, costumes,


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