Can’t get enough of Sinon


For those who loves sci-fi anime (most of them are sci-fi anyway), you must have heard about SAO or Sword Art Online. It’s the ideal world of all gamers where you feel like you are physically inside the game’s world athough it’s only being stimulated in your mind.

Lately, this has been a rave for all gamers to think the possiblity of Sword Art Online happening in the real world. Especially when the announcement of real-life game Sword Art Online was misunderstood but it was actually on VR box where you can watch the anime there, and not really play Sword Art Online.

Anyway, the story of Sword Art Online really gave hope to all gamers that one day we will have that same type of game (without the villain who will try to kill us all, please) where it is very enjoyable and so real that you don’t want to leave the cyber world ever. Oops.

I remembered the wonderful world of Sword Art Online because of the numerous posts and poses of one certain cosplayer –Yukki Mina – who just can’t get enough of taking pictures of herself as Sinon. Sinon is actually the “gamer name” of Asada Shino. Sinon is a female sniper whom Kirito (the main character) first met Gun Gale Online. She has childhood trauma that is related with guns when she killed a robber at the post office in order protect her mother and then resorted to playing GGO in an attempt to overcome it. She is the owner of the rare gun “PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II”.


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