Vampire Nina Sinn Invites You To Spend The Night


Have you ever entered a vampire’s coffin and thought that doing so was the best thing that had happened to you?


Well, you are about to with this BlueBlood gallery, as Nina Sinn will certainly make it worth your while should you visit her in her vampiric bed, even if she plans on having you as a midnight snack after playing with you a little.

The red tones in her hair, her pale skin, vivid makeup and lack of clothes will have you crawling in next to her in no time as you think about your love for Gothic Sluts.

Seeing that coffin and what lies inside of it makes me imagine that Nina Sinn was waiting for Alucard in each save room in Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night, which would explain his eagerness to reach the next one.


I still have this coffin in my kitchen and I’m really not sure what to do with it. Every Halloween I think about donating it to some worthy haunted house, but then again, maybe I’ll make a nice book case out of it. It does seem to bother strangers whenever they stop by. Nina Sinn looks good in it though, so maybe I’ll keep it around after all.
~Forrest Black




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