Sinon Cosplay By Ely


Here’s something to celebrate the new lunar year, it’s Ely‘s cosplay of Sinon in a more traditional setting. I know a cat isn’t part of the lunar zodiac but who says cats can’t join in on the celebration, right?

If you’re wondering who this Sinon character is that Ely’s cosplaying, she’s from the second season of an anime series called Sword Art Online. In the story, Sinon, is a gamer name for a young girl whose real name is Shino Asada.

The story takes place shortly after the events in season one have been resolved. The setting is now in a game called Gun Gale Online where a new problem arises inside the game in which the protagonist, Kirito, gets caught up in all of it…again. If you haven’t checked out the first season, it may be a bit difficult to follow when they start recalling the past events, however, it is still fairly understandable even if you were not able to start with season one.


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