Deadly Beautiful Fem Reaper Cosplay


Hey gamers! Fancy a little Overwatch cosplay? Since the game’s release we’ve seen a lot of D.Va, Tracer, and Mercy cosplays, but here’s something new, a Reaper cosplay with a slight twist. This cosplay by Amadeusu kind of makes you wish this was the default image for Reaper now, huh? Of all the “Fem Reaper” cosplays I’ve seen, so far this trumps them all.

A bit of info about Reaper to those who are not familiar with the game, Overwatch’s character backgrounds, Reaper is written to be an assassin who can ghost through the battlefield and drain the life from enemies. He’s good character to choose for ambush and kill gameplay tactic. Obviously, in the game, Reaper is a he. However, as anything can happen in the internet, “Fem Reaper” became popular (maybe even more popular than male Reaper?) and pretty soon different versions of cosplays started to appear.


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