Mea and Marylin Legend Of Korra Sexy Fight Cosplay


As you can see from the title and the costumes that Marylin and Mea are wearing, this is an Avatar cosplay (from Legend of Korra), and while I would normally focus on what they are wearing or the character that they are portraying, this time I will take a different approach and I will simply say that the costumes they have on look sexy enough to be very attractive and functional enough in the items that conform them that these beautiful women could get into a fight and move freely to defeat their opponents.

The reason for this is very simple: since this CosplayErotica set has two women involved and they display a fantastic chemistry: Let’s focus on that, shall we?

Very sexy things await here like Mea and Marylin frozen in fighting poses or simulating combat, being close together with their lips almost touching in a soft caress, both of them touching each other’s bodies tastefully and giving a lot of other erotic stuff for you to think about, and while the images themselves present a lot of sensuality in their stillness, when you see the artistic slow motion action presented in the video, you’ll fall in love with this set.







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