Allicsirpartjoker and Tookishcosplay’s Korra and Asami Legend of Korra Cosplay


This cosplay by Allicsirpartjoker and Tookishcosplay shows the last moment of the show, which created one of the most innovative pairings that animes and anime-inspired shows had to offer. Korra and Asami went from being jealous over the same guy (Mako) to realizing that they were romantically interested in one another and entering the spirit portal together in the show’s final scene. There may not be a lot of light surrounding the cosplayers in this photo, but that hardly matters: the hand-holding pose communicates everything necessary about the characters’ feelings for one another. Great cosplay.


“let’s do it! let’s go on a vacation, just the two of us. anywhere you want.”

allicsirpartjoker as Korra (FB: x) and myself as Asami (FB: x). Picture by Maarten de Ruiter.


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