Crocro-ampora and Natysenpai’s Bolin and Mako Legend of Korra Cosplay


If the Hardy Boys existed in anime, they would strongly resemble brothers Bolin and Mako from Legend of Korra. (Older brother serious- check. Younger brother humorous- check.) Crocro-ampora and Natysenpai both bring a strong sense of the characters to their portrayals, creating an endearing cosplay that was featured at Izumicon 2014. Having Bolin pose in front of Mako was a genius move, since he’s definitely pushy enough to push aside his older brother as if he were the less authoritative figure. It’s also good to see Bolin’s green eyes featured so prominently in the photo.


Team Korra

Bolin – crocro-ampora

Mako – natysenpai


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