Nurse Ahri Quite Sexy In Pink


Ugh, I feel sick and I don’t think I’ll ever get better. This is my nurse by the way. Seriously though, who’d want to leave the hospital if your nurse looked like Nurse Ahri?

My favorite part about cosplaying game characters is that most game characters always have a variety of costumes to choose from. At the same time, there’s countless costume fanarts aside from the official in-game costumes that cosplayers can opt to wear.

Obviously, targeting the male populace, this nurse outfit is sure to boost not only League of Legends game’s popularity but for sure, bring in more followers to the cosplayer, Akako, as well. I’m not that much a fan of nurse outfits to be honest, but I must praise her for her costume and her makeup. The costume is well-fitted and I am highly appreciative of the accuracy down to the tiniest trinket. I noticed she has her fangs on too; most Ahri cosplayers don’t bother with this detail.


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