Sassy Pop Star Ahri


Pop Star Ahri is just one of the skins available for the nine-tailed fox girl, Ahri, who is one of the many playable characters in League of Legends. She is also possibly one of the well-known characters and probably the most cosplayed one.

For most league players, Ahri, is challenging and extremely fun to play as. She can be quite the champion that can lead your team to victory if handled expertly.

If you’re not a league player perhaps seeing this sassy Pop Star Ahri cosplay by Julia might get you interested in the game. Taiwanese cosplayer, Julia, is quite known in the cosplay and the gaming community as a League of Legends cosplayer. She has cosplayed a number of characters from league – Katarina, Sona, Ashe, and Miss Fortune to name some of the many she has done.

For more information regarding Julia and her cosplay updates you can check out her Facebook and if you’d like to coordinate with her privately for events, you can send her an email(

Credits go to the cosplayer and the respective photographer of the following photos.


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