Green Ranger – Soni Aralynn


OoLala, Soni Aralynn has been making waves in the Comic Con scene with her amazingly sexy designs. In this past weekend’s Lexington Comic Con, Soni displayed her Green Ranger costume in honor of Jason David Frank’s appearance as a media guest at the event. Soni is a highly recognized Cosplayer both locally and internationally. Not only do her designs make it on to magazines such as Ms. Marvel and Wizards World, but she has also been featured as Cosplayer of the Month in 2014 by Geek Me. For the past 10 years, this Philly native not only designs her own Costumes and props but is also an acknowledged model in the media for Cosplay America. Her passion for Cosplay began back in 2003 at the Otakon Convention, an event exclusive to the Baltimore region. This three-day anime event takes place annually in Maryland and has a vast array of workshops, sales booths, and fan base. Speaking of workshops… Check out Soni’s workshops on the how to’s of Comic-Con at Soni Aralynn’s Workshops, or browse her Store at Soni Aralynn at Big Cartel

Soni Aralynn_Green Ranger CostumeGreen RangerSoni Aralynn_Green Ranger Costume 2


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