Classy Yakumo Yukari Cosplay

When it comes to making a cosplay stand out one of the important factors to take into consideration is choosing the right fabric and the details on how it would be put together. No matter how simple the look of the character is, given the right elements it could turn out into head-turning piece. Take for example Ely’s cosplay of Yakumo Yukari. If you look closely, the fabrics she chose isn’t too shiny and it isn’t too dull in color. In one costumes it is also noticeable that there are embroidered designs on the fabric. It attracts just the right amount of attention and it obviously looked great in photographs. It made the cosplay look all the more elegant which is perfect for the Touhou Project character, Yukari.

Little info on Yukari: She is described to be very laid back but wise. Despite being lazy, she possesses super human intellect and has a great deal of knowledge on what goes in within their fictional world called Gensokyo.

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