Star Guardian Ahri Cosplay Is Quite Stellar


Okay, we’ve all marveled at the cinematics of League of Legends’s Star Guardian trailers and it’s clear that this game isn’t going to become outdated anytime soon but will only keep getting better and better. If it does go down, IF, I’m pretty sure they can still capitalize on the storylines that they’ve created for each character in one way or another. I for one would be down for watching animated spin-off stories and who knows…uhm…maybe some live action? But maybe only if the live action would look as good as or better this Star Guardian Ahri cosplay right here.

Chinese cosplayer, Maki, and her cinematic cosplay might as well be part of a live action adaptation. A lot of credit goes out to her photographer and post process editor. I love the visual effects in this photo and how much it seems like it’s a capture taken from an entire animated scene. What do you think about it?


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