BabyZelda’s Cosplay Level Is Over 9000

“Flying through space and protecting the galaxy does sound like a good time. But when you’re married to Vegeta and mom to a boy like Trunks, you don’t look back.” – Bulma

Everyone wants to get their hand on some Dragon Balls and everyone has their own secret weapon to achieve that goal with. Bulma‘s secret weapon happens to be SCIENCE! It’s no secret however, that BabyZelda is a master at taking fun characters and making them come to life with her own creative touches and that’s exactly what she has done here with her take on this beloved character. She has been known to go through many different colors when it comes to her hair, but here it’s bright blue and looking absolutely amazing. Just as amazing as the rest of the outfit that spells out Bulma‘s name while blending together some adorable shades of pink.

I can safely say that BabyZelda‘s cosplay and style levels are over 9000 with this awesome look!

BabyZelda's Cosplay Level Is Over 9000

BabyZelda's Cosplay Level Is Over 9000

BabyZelda's Cosplay Level Is Over 9000

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