Three Skins You Wish Ahri Had

We all know that after the keyhole turtleneck photo went viral, fan arts of 2D characters wearing that sweater has flooded the social media. It seems like it didn’t stop there because cosplayers jumped in and wore it with their favourite characters in mind. Cosplays wearing the keyhole turtleneck started coming out for both “flat is justice characters” and the well-endowed characters.

A perfect example of it is this cosplay by Hane Ame of the one and only nine-tailed heroine from League of Legends. This won’t probably be a skin for League of Legends character, Ahri, but Hane Ame sure has made it look like it supposed to be one! Well, who knows maybe the makers will consider? Blizzard, are you seeing this? Aside from the keyhole turtleneck, Hane Ame has also cosplayed Ahri in other outfits that are not officially skins in the game, but are however praise worthy as fanarts nonetheless.

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