Elfphy’s Awesome Asami Legend of Korra Cosplay


Asami Sato is an accomplished, well-developed character, so I feel a little silly saying that I can’t get past how great her hair is. The 40’s setting gave Legend of Korra leeway to copy Rita Hayworth’s iconic hairstyle for Asami, and since I’m such a World War II geek I focus on the airplanes, cars, propaganda films, and–as mentioned–hairstyles that appear in Republic City. The first thing I look at in Asami cosplays is hair, and this one by Elfphy definitely passed the test. The costume is just as accurate as the hair, making this one of the all-around best Asami cosplays out there.


My Asami wig came in and wowwie I didn’t expect this to look so good!!


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