Streetwise Cosplay: Pocahontas by

This young lady, Lisa Laurens, is an avid fan of Disney movies and musicals. She loves to go to Disneyland several times a month to visit her favorite places and reminisce the epic Disney moments she love in those Disney movies she loved to watch growing up. The best thing about this young lady is that every time she goes there she’d always look her best in her “Disneybound” outfits!

This girl truly has a great eye for style and a very captivating and charming look. It’s as if everytime she dresses up as the character, she becomes more like the original character herself!

Her cosplay style is very basic though. Pretty much like a “streetwise” outfit as what we call it in the Philippines however it’s undeniably pretty much the same as Pocahontas. So cute and lovely!



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