Observe A Natural Form Of Expression With Ms. Poisoness


This gallery by BlueBlood is a great one, but a tough one to talk about without breaking the Sexy Fandom SFW style, since Ms. Poisoness appears nude from the first moment you lay eyes on her, not that I am complaining, but it makes it hard to give you a peek of what awaits you with this BarelyEvil woman.

Anyway, let’s move on and say that you will be absolutely spellbound by Ms. Poisoness’ beauty and ardent look, as she presents an innocent side to her with her pigtails that frame her facial features in a great way.

The pigtails and red and black hair have a tone that will make you think of Harley Quinn, as you imagine her causing mayhem alongside The Joker.


I suppose whether or not a Satanist-themed shoot counts as blasphemy or not depends on one’s beliefs. Started by the Center for Inquiry, the point of International Blasphemy Rights Day every September 30th is not to promote any one religious ideology, but rather to encourage freedom of expression. I’m a big fan of freedom of expression.
–Amelia G



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