Edyn Nyx dolls out


Forrest Black and Amelia G are at it again and this time BlueBlood brings us the ultimate cosplay doll, Edyn Nyx. I knew Blue Blood was a powerhouse when it came to stunning shoots, but it wasn’t until I saw this Edyn Nyx shoot pop on my new iPad Pro that I could see all the amazing detail and perfection Forrest Black and Amelia G produce.

Edyn Nyx is the perfect model for this concept. Hair to lips, right down to eyebrows and fingertips, Edyn Nyx is stunning. One of my favorite shots (that I could show) is Edyn with her hands on her face gazing into the lens. I love this shot because it has a lot to unpack and it all works well.

The hair draws my attention almost immediately, but it isn’t just the colors in the hair but rather the texture. With multiple layers in the hair, including the ribbon tie up and the blue flower, we can see that it isn’t one tone and that multiple shades and different aspects of shadow are featured. The hair sets up the rest of the outfit because it mimics the rest of the outfit. The loops tying the dress together? They are mimicked by the waves of the hair. The play of the purple hue against the white? That’s mimicked in the hair, too. The hair also normalizes the furry ears that are nested within.

Lips and eyes come alive. The blue of the lips works in reflection of the eyes. I love the contrasts here. We see the wild play with the sultry. There is a lot of balance here not only with the colors but also the position. Lips, painted and slightly apart, show a vulnerability. The eyes look directly into you, holding you in place. Edyn’s eyebrows are where the expressive comes in full force. Nimoy once said that a lot can be done with a little and the singular eyebrow, shaped and colored with perfection, raises the shot.

Fingers. Edyn’s fingers are placed on her face such that it isn’t a normal ‘cutesy’ pose, but one that is one of both beckoning and self-discovery. It’s a moment of invitation mingled with a glimpse of danger. This plays out especially well when you trace the fingers down from the face and to the arms where the angle is both supportive and suggestive of slightly parted legs.

There are a lot of great photos that I can’t show. I love the concept here of dress up and then off. Edyn Nyx teases in each shot and promises something ‘just a bit further’ every time. Take for example the feature shot of Edyn in mid-curtsey after losing the undershirt, the hair making her breasts ‘safe for work’ whilst the necklace brings attention to the choker. If you ever wonder where chokers came from, I encourage you to look up the history as it will add that much more to this shot.

If you like petite dolls made animate, then you will love Edyn Nyx. If you have a great monitor or an iPad Pro you will get an extra bonus of seeing all of the colors pop out. Even with my old 300-pound brick monitor, it is easy to see why Edyn Nyx is so popular. She sets the perfect canvas for Blueblood and each photo is a stunning piece on its own, but when put together, they tell a story of seduction and want.

I’m happy to introduce the talented Edyn Nyx to Blue Blood’s EroticFandom crew. Amelia G and I really enjoy seeing the original Cosplay and Dolly transformations Edyn does and it was lots of fun to get the chance to work together. I hope you like these as much as we do!
~Forrest Black


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