Novaalux’s Sexy Sharpness And Fun Little Crafts


This is the kind of show that leaves a happy print in my mind and in my heart, because Novaalux is getting into the Christmas season with an outfit that she describes as soft and velvety, and which happens to have a cute kitty with a Santa hat printed on the front.

Novaalux gives us a good look at her outfit before sexier things start happening and she takes it off completely to show another cute ensemble that stays on during the crafts part of her show, where she puts together some lovely little penguins.

I love the way Novaalux interacts with the room too, because she does fun things and also shares stories and thoughts as she goes through each of her excellent activities, which include her blowing up one of those long party balloons to make a sword out of it, which is a fun little treat that happens right before she turns the heat up a little more (it is super cold out, after all) and shows us how she looks like when her top is gone.

Novaalux’s Profile:

Username: Novaalux
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
School: I went to school for Graphic Design!
Favorite Food: Sushi
Soft Pretzels
Pets: I have 2 cats named Mio and Olive and my roommates have a dog named Faris and a cat named Keeker


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