Justine Joli models a Swatton cage corset


I know I am going to sound like a magpie right here, but Amelia G is spot on–Justine Joli is beautiful. Amelia G and Forrest Black really made my job hard for this one. There were so many great pictures I could choose from. Don’t worry, there are tons not safe for work too, but there were a lot of great SFWs shot too. The colors did turn out well for this shoot, but the two things that really make this shoot are the cage corset with the spiral design built in and Justine Joli. Her facial expression here sums up the entire shoot for me. If you aren’t a member of EroticFandom yet, this shoot alone should make you whip that credit card out. Yes, Justine Joli is just that good here.


Damn, Justine Joli is beautiful. The cage corset by Swatton she is wearing here is actually kind of big on her. I love how the colors in this set turned out too. Forrest Black and Justine and I shot this super fast too, but sometimes everything is just perfectly in place out of the gate.
–Amelia G


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