Dana DeArmond climbs the steel cage


I haven’t seen someone climb a steel cage like this since Macho Man (RIP) took on Hulk Hogan. I must tell you that neither of them looked like Dana DeArmond. Amelia G and Forrest Black bring Dana DeArmond into the cage for some close shots and end up with having her climbing the walls. I’m not sure if anyone reading has climbed a steel cage or a jail cell before, but let me tell you it ain’t easy. When I see Dana DeArmond doing it nude and not just once or twice, but all over the cage, I am quite impressed. This is the first time I see the cage is outdoors. How can I tell this? Because Dana DeArmond climbs all the way to the top and I can see the trees.


If you were ever into the old Gor novels, then this Dana DeArmond set, lensed by yours truly and Forrest Black, is pretty damn hot. If you like Dana DeArmond, then this set is pretty damn hot. If you are impressed by a woman who can climb the side of her cage, then this set is pretty damn hot. Really, this set is pretty damn hot.
–Amelia G


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