Larkin Love looking bootyliscious


Larkin Love is looking mighty bootyliscious in this set by Blue Blood’s Amelia G and Forrest Black. As you well may know, I am a huge fan of shoes and boots. These boots completely rock! I mean, okay, Larkin Love is an awesome model with a great look. She’s half girl-next door and half Hunger Games femme fatale (and all vixen). These boots though are straight out of the KISS catalog. They go up towards the knees with straps and heavy leather. I am seriously jealous.

The jealously doesn’t stop at her boots, though. Check out another KISS nod, her tongue. There were actually a lot of great shots of her tongue parting her blue-purple lips. This entire BlueBlood shoot rests upon Larkin’s ability to use her natural assets to her advantage. I’m talking about the entire package of talent here. These shots are the safest I can get for the website, but there is one shot in particular, you have to check out. You see, she loses her bottoms rather quickly in the photo shoot and her top is soon to follow, but whilst she is moving her clothing over, she plops down in the splits.

That’s right. Larkin Love not only looks gorgeous, but she’s darn right athletic too. Can you imagine a girl who looks like Larkin Love, with that tongue, doing the splits with those boots on? Well, I don’t have to imagine it. I get to see the tres cool (that’s French for “Not Safe For Work”) photos that we can’t show here. I’ll give you a hint, her lips and hair might be blue, but what she can do with that tongue will blow you away.

Amelia G and I had a really fun time taking these with Larkin Love. I just happened to have the matching neon yellow striped stockings to complete the look, as extras from a gallery show we went to a while back where everyone was supposed to dress up as bumble-bees. I think Larkin looks really cute in her poofy blue skirt and matching bright blue hair. I hope you like these as much as I do.
~Forrest Black


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