Larkin Love Makes Silver Better Than Gold


If you don’t know who Larkin Love is, I will have to ask you to invite me over to the rock you’ve been living under, so I can correct that mistake right now.

If you already know who she is, then you are in for a treat in this BlueBlood gallery, as you will get to see Larkin Love wearing a silver blouse, complete with blue hair, kissable blue lips and inviting gaze; as well as her captivating side-smile that renders me, for some reason, unable to stop thinking that she looks like a Sci-Fi character, someone I would love to find at my steampunk house.

She looks so great and manages to imprint her seal of sensuality to her appearance in such a splendid way that I even ended up adding a pic of her feet for you; because, being honest, one can never get enough of Gothic Sluts like Larkin Love.



Give thanks for Larkin’s spectacular figure, as she pulls off this tinsel-colored dressed. Forrest Black and I are really happy about how all our collaborations with the most excellent Larkin Love turned out.
–Amelia G




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