Larkin Love Voluptuous Elegance


I like how detail-oriented the Blueblood photo-sets that involve Larkin Love are because you not only get to see this fabulous woman be increasingly sensual as she caresses her body wrapped up in a nice see-through nightgown and entices you with that captivating gaze that both invites you to come closer, and at the same time seems to say “Can you handle it?” But you also get to see some specific details that are not usually shown on photosets that involve gorgeous women posing with little to no clothes on, such as the few images that focus on her shoes (there is even one of them as the main focal point).

This gives the set an elegant feel, as if it was telling you not only to admire the bare creamy skin in front of you, but also to focus on all the separate and well-thought ingredients that have been put together to create an erotic GothicSluts atmosphere for your enjoyment.

Larkin Love is so sexy that her name and the word should be synonyms by now, as she is always able to present herself in such a playful and lascivious way that makes her even more desirable and a wonder to watch.


Doubling up on updates today to also bring you the spectacular Larkin Love in this series lensed by yours truly and Forrest Black. I like the torch singer vibe we were able to get and how ridiculously awesomely flexible Larkin is.
–Amelia G




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