Yolanda in skull armor and chainmail

Yolanda is back for BlueBlood and this time she is donning a skull armor bikini top mixed with a chainmail skirt. I love the way her hair pops in these photos and this is a great example of how Amelia G and Forrest Black use every bit of the scene to make the photo. Yolanda is elegance mixed with a sturdy edge; her hair is perfect in this shoot and her boots, well, let’s just say I almost gave you a picture of these bad boys all by themselves, but I couldn’t bring myself to rob you of a sample of the rest of her, and the armor’s, beauty. If you do find your way to this photoshoot (and I strongly suggest you do), you need to check out the boots. Footwear is an oft forgotten art form, but the photo speaks volumes.


This series Forrest Black and I shot of Yolanda is sort of a companion piece to the most recent Erotic Fandom update. The skull armor Yolanda is wearing here, as well as the chainmail skirt, is also from Retail Slut. Her hair is courtesy of the fine folks at Diva Luxe. I’m happy I feel like we managed to capture Yolanda’s sleek elegance well.

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