The Key Summoner strips away fear


The Key Summoner of Cosplay-Mate is back and this time she loses her companion rather quickly to focus on some much needed solo work. Sometimes the job of a hero can be a grind and other times, it is the grinding that is the very thing needed. She dances, she grinds and she really gets in touch with more than those spirits she likes to summon.

There is one part of the video that I wish I could show you. I think she was casting a spell on herself. Well, at least there were a lot of hand gestures and movement involved. Now, if the Key Summoner can just show me that magical reagent one more time…


This sexy heart hails from a rowdy magical guild from a far away land. Being a mage, she can summon beings from her keys at her waist to help her. Partnered with hot heads and cool spirits, she balances both to make any situation right. Notwithstanding, she knows how to use her sexual appeal to get what she needs. Looking at that blue cat, it’s easy to see why he is so happy.

Lucy Heartfilia is the primary female character of Fairy Tail. She is a celestial wizard who uses a set of magical Gatekeys to summon celestial spirits. She also fights with a whip, which she upgrades to the extendable energy whip Fleuve d’Étoiles


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