Dorothy shows us the evils of cake


Okay. Long story short. I accidentally asked my Facebook followers something that was remotely political. I need something fun. I need something light. I need something positive. I need to review Dorothy aka Happy Alarm’s shoot with Clix via BlueBlood. In all sincerity, I am so darn lucky to get to review her work. In a harsh world, she is the definition of a safe space.

If you ever had a bad day, this shoot is for you. I dare you to be in a bad mood and look at any of Dorothy’s photos. Okay, so you won’t be able to see many of these photos because you are behind an SFW firewall. Suckers! I got to see the cool stuff and there is a lot of cool stuff. I can best describe this shoot as ‘what if the zombies or psycho killers were covered in frosting instead of blood’. For some reason, I get this really wicked vibe. Maybe it is the colors of orange and green here–how they drip from her skin. Maybe it’s the way she beams when squeezing that syrup all over her. One shot reminded me of a cross between a killer raising the knife above her head and the ending to Carrie. It is just a great and fun photo (and included below!). The sauce bottle looks perfect and her expression is priceless. If you want to gauge how NSFW this shoot starts, let’s just say I had to start in medias res just to find something that didn’t need an SFW hammer.

Speaking of awesomesauce, that book on Kickstarter looks great. I just caught the video stream put up on it (it was the only good thing on Facebook today/this year). The only thing that can compare to the level of cute this venture is taking is a page full of kitten videos. God help us if Dorothy ever teamed up with a group of kittens. My bank account wouldn’t know what hit it. I know I say this often–and I know others are saying it too–but do click on the link. Please do support Art. With all the badness in the world, sometimes it only takes that one small click, that one small gesture, to make the world right again. Imagine what that click can mean, eh?

Some people’s garages are so dull that they are filled with cars and spare tools or old clothes. Photographer Clix’s garage is covered in plastic and filled with naked girls and dessert. Normally, I would save a shoot with a Halloween cake for Halloween, but, hey, every day is Halloween, and I’m very excited about the Kickstarter for Dorothy’s coffee table book, so I wanted to post this now. Thanksgiving, Halloween, one of those.
–Amelia G


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