Dorothy and Sonja eat each other’s cake


BlueBlood brings us something a bit unusual–this goes beyond just suggestive food porn with Dorothy. This time she is back and Sonja is joining her in this Clix shoot. If you liked her stuff before, you will really love this stuff. This is really well done and the fun the two had comes off rather loudly in these shots. Most of them I can describe as ‘the cake is being eaten’ and ‘where the cake is’ becomes crucial.

There is so much cake and syrup (and whipped cream) that it becomes a bit hard to see some of the rather great body work the two are doing. This isn’t a bad thing–I think Dorothy is the only model I cover who uses food as a wardrobe choice. What she can do with just some sprinkles and a bit of frosting is amazing. The patterns she pulls off takes true talent and she does so with artistic ease.

The energy here is high and so is the food experimentation. The two really push the boundaries of using food as foreplay. What I really dig, besides how they cover each other in cake and other desserts, is how they play with each other. Sure, that can be a loaded term (trust me, there are plenty of shots here that are them either making out or other more sexually suggestive types that entail using cake and whipped cream as a skin barrier). What I mean here is, and this really comes through all of Dorothy’s work, the two look very natural. If you take the cake out of the equation, you would have this rather lovely picture story about two women in love. They look great together and express (openly and repeatedly) this fun play.

Fun play is what really sums up everything I’ve seen Dorothy in. She first amazed me by swimming in a giant bowl of cereal and the fun kept coming. This is why I really look forward to her new book. Remember, the only way this book happens is if everyone clicks and follows through on Kickstarter. Dorothy makes the world so much better just with her light and fun charm, the least we can do is support her dreams. The image that comes to my mind is the end of Scrooged with Bill Murray. Giving doesn’t have to be a once-a-year-thing, I can be an every-day thing. Giving is good. Helping a great artist reach her dreams is great. Sometimes people need help making their miracle happen (I really have to stop watching Scrooged). It really does feel good to help and the payoff is huge. I never push a project I don’t believe in or support myself. Heck, I can even confirm that I’m in for the book and the t-shirt. Are you kidding me? There’s an exclusive Happy Alarm t-shirt that you can get only from Kickstarter? How cool is that?! I have mine and I really hope to see you in (or out of) yours.

When it starts getting really chilly outside, here are some desert desserts to keep you warm. Photographer Clix shoots more lesbian cake goodness with Dorothy and newcomer Sonja. If you enjoy Dorothy a.k.a. Audra a.k.a. Happy Alarm’s work, I highly recommend checking out the Ultra Happy Alarm Kickstarter. Just a few more days left to check it out.
–Amelia G


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