Dorothy’s happy fun food art


This shoot from BlueBlood is the closest to food porn I have seen. What I mean by this is, well, there’s this vegan meme going around that shows a girl surrounded by carrots getting peeled on her. Use your imagination for the rest (it is SFW). When I saw some of this shoot I thought, ‘Wow! This really is food sex’. Not in the insertion type way but, well, it’s rather hard to explain without showing the photos.

How do I explain these photos? Okay. First, grab some awesome socks, a cake, some sprinkles (gotta have sprinkles), a few cans of whipped cream, some frosting, a lot more frosting, and day-glo colors galore. Then unleash Dorothy. This is the most insanely fun shoot I’ve ever seen. I can’t show you most of it–she’s naked most of the time and covered, I mean covered, in head to toe with cake, frosting, and sprinkles. I can describe parts of it, but you really wouldn’t get the full in living color picture in your head. The closest I can come is to say ‘If you like food, people, feet, sprinkles, colors (lots of colors), and just plain fun, then this is a must-see’.

Sincerely, this just takes the cake (ohhh, too soon for a pun?). I’ll try to show what I can, but these SFW versions do not do this entire shoot justice. There simply was no way I could show you every groovy thing here, so you will have to click on through yourself. Before you click to the gallery, why not also click on that Kickstarter link. If you think this stuff is cool–you gotta check out that Kickstarter book. I can’t wait to see it and we can only see it if you all help.

Photographer Clix says he was especially impressed in this shoot with Dorothy how she “motorboats the cake…goes to town with strawberry syrup” and how “doing an amazing handstand she scorpions herself into the strawberry shortcake cake, then does a dramatic faceplant.” If you enjoy Dorothy a.k.a. Audra a.k.a. Happy Alarm’s work, I highly recommend checking out the Ultra Happy Alarm Kickstarter. Just seeing how adorable she is in the Kickstarter video is worth the click.
–Amelia G


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