Dorothy stars in: Two girls and some cake


BlueBlood keeps the Ultra Happy Alarm hits coming with Clix’s shots of Dorothy. This time, she has a partner in crime. This is a very colorful set and much like a lot of her work, I can’t quite show you most of it. You see, it’s rather hard to censor a set of full nudes and butt play. This set is a great example of how I really wish I could show you something cool but can’t. There is almost an entire page of the behinds covered in great color combinations. Unfortunately, I can’t even put a box over the naughty bits because that would block out most of what makes the shots cool.

Imagine two women. Give them cake. Then give them syrup and whipped cream from a spray can. Then tell them they can go buckwild and have as much messy fun as they can. The end results is this photoshoot with Dorothy (hey, check out her killer Kickstarter for that sweet book she’s planning!) and Harley Greens. Although I know Dorothy is the food star supreme as a solo artist it was really nice to see her play with others–and play well with others she does.

I’ve hinted that there are some great butt shots at the end, but one of the killer stand-alone shots (that I can’t show you) is when Dorothy is on top of Harley Greens. I’ll let your imagination to take you places but the shot was hot enough to melt some of that cake on their bodies. Any membership is worth that series alone. You really should check this out and to sweeten the pot, I bring you a few edited shots. Check out that great chemistry between the rather messy and adorable Harley Greens and Dorothy. Shoots like this are hard to beat and just a glimpse will tell you why.

This weekend, we are getting all buckwild with new models and Clix’s lesbian cake play. This is Harley Greens, getting all frosted with Dorothy. Clix says that photographing them, “The level of adorableness these two ladies is just unmatchable.” I’d have to agree. If you enjoy unmatchable adorableness, I highly recommend checking out the Ultra Happy Alarm Kickstarter today.
–Amelia G


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