BurningAngel’s Cindy Queen of Hell part 1

It’s been a bit since I got to cover Burning Angel and this Cindy Queen of Hell series does not disappoint. I admire Joanna Angel because she is a woman who leads by example. BurningAngel is my favorite production company (their parodies are simply the best I’ve ever seen) and this original story shows that they have a solid group of artists who really know how to push the boundaries between porn and character driven story. Hats off (and a lot of other things, too).

The story is a love story mixed with a coming of age joint. We see Joanna Angel in the mother role and a guy that I covered so many times I actually knew him from his ankles (yes, it was as weird as it sounded), Small Hands, join up (no pun) with Xander Corvus. I’ve got to say I forgot how inked Joanna Angel is–if you can focus away from the action on the screen long enough to look at her back, she has some great art on her.

The story starts out with Cindy questioning where she came from and why she exists. Enter a flashback to an 80s concert featuring a few familiar faces and Joanna being one rather sultry member of the audience. Thus far, everything is SFW and I can even show a few screen caps of this action. The song is pretty solid as is the party scene (it reminds me of some of the music videos that Burning Angel has done). Once Joanna tracks the band members down backstage, well, let’s just say ‘so ends the SFW portion of our video’.

It’s fast. It’s furious. It’s everything you ever wanted in a Burning Angel video. Joanna is, hands down, one of the best and she’s at the top of her game (and a few other positions too) in this video. Yes, I really did spot Small Hands just by his ankles (random 3 am viewing of the stills) and that made me smile. I like him because he’s rather good at acting. I still remember some of the other videos he was in where he steals the show. I also like the chemistry here between Joanna and Small Hands–but wait, there’s more! Xander Corvus is the perfect counter balance to be thrown into the mix. We have two rather inked people in Small Hands and Joanna and it was a good choice to have Xander here. It made the other ink pop so much better when seen against a clean canvas.

A few closing notes–I saw the video before reading the tag associated with the video and I was taken by surprise by the ending. Of course, it makes sense in the story line but I came into this fresh and didn’t see it coming (at this point, I don’t know if these puns are intended anymore). I also really loved Joanna’s chain. It reminded me a bit of 300 in a good groovy art/silky way.

All in all, if this is just Part 1….wow. I can’t wait for the rest. This is one serial I don’t mind binge watching.

It was Cindy’s 21st birthday, and strange things started to happen. Her mother Raven (Joanna Angel) decided it was time for her to learn the truth about her father and where she came from. Flashback to the 80s where the younger goth non-conformist heads to a Halloween costume party in LA, in the 80s. Everything changed when she saw Ninth Circle play on stage that fateful night – because she got double stuffed in her pussy and ass by band members Satan (Xander Corvus) and his homeboy Leviathan (Small Hands), when Lucifer accidentally jizzed inside of her!! And that’s how Lucinda (Leigh Raven), actual daughter of the Devil, came to be!

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