Cosplay Erotica Reunites us with Digimon


Cosplay Erotica drops off the goodies with their Digimon send up. Stacy really gets into the action here (and I do mean Action). I really liked the way Stacy takes her time. She’s having fun with the shoot and that’s rather important. There is such a great chemistry here, too. For example, when she’s interacting with the camera I feel that she’s really into the character. The yellow and black work rather nicely, too. I loved the touch of the backpack and the glove. In fact, two of my favorite shots (one is shown here) actually center on the glove. The other shot with the glove involves her using her teeth to pull up her top while using the glove for something else (I’ll leave that up to your NSFW imagination).

“Reunite” Model: Stacy
Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth (Dejimon Sutori: Saiba Surwusu) is a Digimon video game for the PS Vita/PS4. For the first time in the franchise, you can choose between a male and female lead character. We prefer the female one, this thime with our sexy-stacy! (request)


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