In Memory of the Lost Christmas


Sorry, Guilty Crown fans! I don’t mean to bring you any bad memories but this Mana Ouma cosplay by 安室凪璃(Anzhi zhi li) is just too much of a shame to ignore. Yes, it does remind you of the “Lost Christmas incident” doesn’t it? Don’t cry!

Without spoiling anything too much for those of you only discovering Guilty Crown, the term Lost Christmas refers to a somewhat devastating event in Japan that started the conflict they have to deal with in the story. This “past” event of theirs happened on December 24, 2029 – Christmas eve, thus the name Lost Christmas.

You might have guessed by now this is a story set in the far away future. If you like futuristic stories, sci-fi, some action, and girls harbouring weapons within their bodies, then you might want to have a peek and see a couple of episodes of this anime.


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